Who We Are

Singularity Group LLC is exceptionally driven to preserve our environmental surroundings and promoting a flourishing biosphere. We are effectively contributing towards the agriculture and foods industry, while striving to ensure that all our processes are entirely ecofriendly. We are committed to rendering premium services in order to produce a progressive tomorrow. Our work is our mark of trust that we have proffered to our vast clientele!

At Singularity Group LLC, we are providing competent services and cost effective solutions, while emerging out as the country’s leading distributor of natural sweeteners and rice protein!

Our Mission

Singularity Group LLC endorses the vision of genuine empowerment! We are driven by the passion of educating and empowering our employees by nurturing a thorough understanding of nutrition & food safety. We are also striving to maintain relentless optimization of the entire processes involved into providing the food products to the masses. The raw material and resources are converted into the highest quality natural sweeteners, syrups and rice protein which we responsibly distributed by our competent team!

Our Food and Safety management system is highly capable of establishing continuous improvement of our processes for better results; improved efficiency, and increased mutual progress of the involved businesses and stakeholders. We are meticulously working towards a better future, and an overall elevated food and safety experience for the consumers!

Our Background

Singularity Group LLC was envisioned to upraise and promote food distribution nationwide. The visionaries decided to create an initiative of their own which would raise the standards above the bar. Years of expertise and industrial knowledge was put to test, and Singularity Group LLC came into picture!

We protect and enhance the Singularity Group LLC' reputation for excellence in quality products and services. This constant pursuit of excellence has made us the premier supplier of rice syrups and proteins.

Contribution To The Community

We are responsibly committed to creating the planet more ecofriendly, and mitigating the global environmental issues. At Singularity Group LLC, we are aspiring to establish the culture of conservation, care, trust and evolution. We also hold ourselves responsible to improving the standard of living of our workforce, while empowering and equipping our employees with thriving career growth. We are aiming and working charitably towards raising and enhancing the standard of learning, general health amenities, and a healthier environment!