Singularity Group LLC is a full service handler and marketer of milled and paddy rice, including all types and varieties of short and medium grain rice produced in the United States. Vertical integration, augmented by long term working relationships with growers, driers, mills and worldwide customers allows us to continuously expand our volume and enhance our products. We are one of the largest handlers of rice in the United States. The organic and conventional rice products are available in a variety of package sizes for private-label products and the foodservice industry. The high-quality grain cooks up plump, moist and tender.

The rice we market is sourced from selected rice growers who have chosen Singularity Group LLC to handle and market their production. We own and operate multiple drying and storage facilities that are strategically located throughout the rice-growing regions.

Singularity Group LLC provides growers with quick and efficient grain-handling, so they can spend less time waiting in line at the elevator and more time in the fields, doing the jobs they do best. And then, using our merchandising and logistics expertise, we work closely with key downstream partners to make sure their work pays off.

As the leading grain handling and merchandising partner in the region, we focus on delivering increased operational speed, capacity and convenience to our customers – safely and efficiently. Our marketing and distribution network has expanded market access to ensure competitive prices for growers and consistent, high-quality supplies for end-users.

By increasing the scale and efficiency of our infrastructure, we offer a platform with global reach and financial depth to mid-market producers, merchandisers, processors and customers.